Elusive [Architecture to Life — Form to Function] Notes.

So my approach was wrong. I was too practical and brief at it too. A part of me hates bullshitting. I mean, a big part of it can sometimes be just a useless facade.

I’m so ashamed, that I was too stupid to realise that my approach was wrong. What a stupid approach that could’ve been so easily reversed. It’s too late to feel regret.

Am I living life in a right way now? I think my direction is right. All these little pieces of a building blocks I’m building at so many different areas — still in construction, always will. It’s not that it’s ‘constructing’ that I feel crap about. But because it looks like I’m too slow at it, when I could do so much better. I want to be able to always be constructing in some way, but at least have something there already, to give it some hope and for it to look good enough to use a bit? Look good enough for function. Did enough for function. But it’s April already and what have I done? Not much. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Seems to pass by too quickly. My pace is too slow. I need to catch up.

Unload cognitive baggage and feel more energised. Don’t think too much. Live.

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