Loss always hurt for me.

Ache. Pain. Knots knots knots.

Part of myself lingers on this pain because it makes me feel sincere and alive. But it hurts. To let go means to lose that part. To let go and to move on is what I need.

It hurts me to the core. This pain.

Shame. Pain. Love. Sincerity. Staticity. Letting go. Frustration. Grief. Relief. I feel an ambivalence.

These days. A three step process:

I’ve been trying to accept my negative feelings.

To let go of defence mechanisms.

To be genuine.


I’ve been experiencing so many breaks and new genuine feelings of happiness the past few months. Just to piece myself together with better clarity. Becoming more genuine. Undeniably, maturing.



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lol ok

5. to be honest i need to allow myself to be gentle. reminder of the things i love. who i am. there is always a world beyond my own. heartbroken freeze. anchor.