Learning how to be at ease and appreciate things.

Opening up my heart. Changing my mindset.

Remembering the times I felt happiness.

Seeing happy people and learning from how they are.

Made me learn how to be happy.

find my lightheartedness, humour and creativity back.


My confidence. Out of the world. MY EMPATHY LEVELS. OFF THE CHARTS.

oh ho ho


i go on overdrive pretty easily. but wow i have too much to do these days. so much work it’s pretty stressful.

propnanol today. music today.

have a walk at 6.30ish.

listen to Tablo’s mindset.

meditate and sleep at 11.


studies show that people can tell what mood others are in even through text.

be genuine. feel genuine. even on text.

emotional contagion is a thing. start from myself.

crackhead. mellow. composed.



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lol ok

lol ok

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